Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Meetings and Field Trip Schedule for 2017-2018

Sept 27      Tony Gurnoe, Head of Horticulture at SDBG, will speak on 
                   botany and plant i.d.
Oct 25        Field trip to Sunshine Care in Poway with Farmer Roy 
Nov 15       Make a succulent ring, using a terracotta saucer, to 
                   surround a white candle
Dec 20       Holiday Party Potluck & Gift Exchange!
Jan 24       Laura Eubanks will share some of her design ideas
Feb 28      Allan Dodds, SDBG Docent and Professor Emeritus of the 
                  Dept of Plant Pathology & Microbiology at UCR
Mar 28      Decorate a birdhouse with paint and succulent cuttings
April 25    Weidners Gardens tour and talk by Evelyn Weidner
May 23     Field trip to Gardens By the Sea, a wonderful succulent 
                 nursery in Leucadia
June 27   Our End-of-the-year Potluck!

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